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Genix Aesthetica is a one stop therapy clinic for women and girls who want to enhance their beauty and regain their self confidence. Our Non-surgical innovative technology offers a wide range of services like Acne free skin , Acne Scar treatment , unwanted Hair removal , Fat reduction , Skin tightening , Pregnancy Stretch marks removal and Vaginal tightening and rejuvenation.

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Our Services

Fat reduction

Fat deposits on different areas of the body might reduce your body image and confidence. Even after strict diets and hours of exercising in the gym , you may not get rid of this stubborn fat . Our innovative technology helps in fat reduction in various areas of body like belly,

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Skin Tightening

Skin maintains its firmness and smoothness due to protein called Collagen. Collagen prevents our skin from sagging. As we age, we slowly lose Collagen leading to loose and sagging skin , fine lines and fine wrinkles .Our technology is a non surgical procedure which stimulates

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Pregnancy Stretch Mark Removal

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey towards, motherhood, but at the same time creates stretch marks on the belly. Women are often very troubled and conscious of their stretch marks . Our advanced technology is a boon for freedom from stretch marks and in regaining confidence by getting a well contoured smooth belly.

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Acne & Scar Treatment

Acne is a very common problem in adolescent young girls and also in adult women. Acne leaves behind spots, scars and pits . We offer advanced treatment for acne as well as acne scars. Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that causes spots, scars and pits especially on the face , back and chest . It is commonly seen in young girls

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Hair Removal

Unwanted hair has always been a concern for women .We offer highly effective and safe hair removal technology . Unwanted hair can be a concern for young girls and women . This concern is more in women with Hirsutism, that is excess body hair. It can also be seen in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome ( PCOS ).

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Vaginal Tightening & Rejuvenation

Intimate issues of women like lax vagina either due to childbirth or aging can be safely treated with our advanced clinically proven feminine wellness technology. Women often face several intimate issues like lax vagina, urinary incontinence or leakage, sexual dysfunction, dry vagina and atrophic vagina

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Our Testimonial

Believe it or not, I was always fit. When I was pregnant, I had put on 22 kilos as I ate very unhealthy stuff and was never conscious about my dietary choices. By the time of delivery, I weighed around 78 kilos.

Ishita Sharma

It dawned on me that I had to look like my old self before I rejoined work. Keeping this in mind, I gave in everything and got fitter. Within 6 months of giving birth, I lost all the excess fat.

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